We identify shortcomings in your education and help you eliminate them. You benefit from Swiss excellence.

vE Consulting

Our focus is on practical relevance, economics and diversity. Companies, governments and educational providers benefit from our education analysis and the resulting optimization plan. The effect: your education will be excellent and you save yourself money from ineffective education.

Target groups

The typical target groups are executives, HR professionals and heads of higher education institutions or departments.


As a Managing Director or CEO, you are interested in well-trained employees. We support you in taking a holistic view of the educational issues in your company. 

HR Professionals

A central aspect of the HR process is the training and development of employees. We support you in the holistic analysis and optimization of HR development.

Educational Leaders

Your organization’s core competence is education. We support you in critically examining your programs and, if necessary, taking further appropriate actions. 


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Competent employees are essential to the success of your company – just as the economical use of your resources for education.


Automation will change the way administrations work. Use digital learning methods as an opportunity to strengthen your administration and government.

Higher Education

The interaction of environment, your institution and the design of learning processes is an essential component of success as an educational institution.

Our Values

For us, excellent education is practically relevant, economical and diverse

Practical Relevance

We learn from and act for practice

We employ the requirements of practice

We combine theory and practice


We act cost-consciously

We consider the benefits for all stakeholders

We work in a result-oriented manner


We address all individual learning needs

We opt for proven and innovative learning methods

We consider all relevant stakeholders